Le Mieux products are being used by the country's top estheticians and makeup artists behind the scenes and on feature films and shows such as: TWO BROKE GIRLS, DANCING WITH THE STARS, PARKS AND RECREATION, SEAN SAVES THE WORLD, THE MILLERS, GLEE, 90210, MIKE & MOLLY, and many others.

  • Leslie JonesActress Celebrity Testimonial

    “The serums and collagen melt my wrinkles away, I cannot go a day without my TGF-β Booster serum...and I have to say as a black woman Le Mieux brings moisture to my skin I have never gotten from any other product."

    "Please dip me in a vat of your products @lemieuxcosmetics PLEEEEEEEASE!! My skin is glowing."
  • RuPaulActor Celebrity Testimonial

    "Love! Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum"
  • Lisa BonetActress Celebrity Testimonial

    "I use pretty active things at night to keep the cells turning over...I'll use a couple of serums...Le Mieux TGF-B Booster. I also have really sensitive skin that requires a good amount of care."
  • Jane LynchActress Celebrity Testimonial

    "I love Le Mieux!"
  • Kate HudsonActress Celebrity Testimonial

    "I use Le Mieux eye cream. It's really lovely and light, but moisturizes."
  • Julia Louis DreyfusActress Celebrity Testimonial

    "I love the face masks from Le Mieux. When I’m working, I’m constantly taking my makeup on and off and it’s really hard on my skin. They are hydrating and help give you have that glow. I use them once a week, sometimes twice when I’m shooting."
  • Kate HudsonActress Celebrity Testimonial

    "As much as I love serums and creams, I stick to something simple because my skin doesn't like stimulation. When I wake up, I just splash water on my face, then apply Le Mieux's day moisturizer, which is really nice."
  • Gillian JacobsActress Celebrity Testimonial

    "I love the Le Mieux product line. The eye pads are so effective and save me when I'm sleep deprived and shooting long hours. I always ask makeup artists to use Le Mieux!"
  • Christina RicciActress Celebrity Testimonial

    People Stylewatch "My eyes look fresh, even after 18 hours of work."
  • Aubrey PlazaActress Celebrity Testimonial

  • Jessica StroupActress Celebrity Testimonial

    I love how the Le Mieux Exfoliating Cleansing Gel refreshes my skin and keeps my pores clear! And the Vita C Clear Skin Pads give my skin a beautiful healthy glow!
  • Where would I be without my products! Thank you @LeMieuxSkincare! You take gooood care of me!!!
  • Kelli GarnerActress Celebrity Testimonial

    Le Mieux has become my favorite skincare routine, the line leaves my skin so refreshed with a clean and light finish.
  • In hair & makeup at #DogWithABlog Just got my new goodies from @LeMieuxSkincare which I am most grateful for!
  • Julie KristyDepartment Head Makeup

    I am really loving the Le Mieux products! I use the Essence Toner and Iso Cell Recovery Solution spray on my Beauty Blenders to moisten them for quick touch ups on tired dry skin, they really hydrate and refresh the skin a lot. I love the Phyto Nutrient Cleansing Gel because it removes everything but doesn't leave your skin feeling dry. The Essence Moisturizer is so light you can mix it with any foundation and create a tinted moisturizer, plus the fragrance-free aspect is very appealing to the male talent I work with. The talent is also enjoying using the products, too!
  • TC Celebrity Makeup Artist

    Fitness instructor/dancer/model Basheerah loves Le Mieux's TGF-B Eye Firming Masks! I used them on each model for the exercise video shoot.
  • Jeanne Van PhueMakeup Artist

    I am in love with the Le Mieux products! I used them on the set of Plush on the talent, who really loved the results and even converted from another brand to Le Mieux. They are very high quality and produce immediate, tangible results! Personally, I am using Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, Vita C Clear Skin Pad, Essence Toner, Hyaluronic Serum, Essence Moisturizer (my favorite!!!), Eye Wrinkle Corrector and Eye Firming Mask. I can’t wait to use them on my next film.
  • Deborah LaMia DenaverMakeup Artist

    First, I want to say what a nice surprise. I liked everything about them especially the Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream, Vita-C Serum and Skin Protective Emulsion. A lot of products tend to just sit on the skin, these go on smooth and you can feel it being absorbed into the skin as you apply them and you can tell they are made to work together great combinations and nice results! Skin felt softer and smoother even a bit clearer, brighter, nice results for the short time used. I thank you for letting me try these products and would recommend them highly.
  • Heba ThorisdottirMakeup Artist

    I absolutely LOVE the products you sent and I have been using them since! I recent used Le Mieux’s Bio Cell+ Masks on the set of a major studio film. One of my actresses’ skin tended to get dry from frequent traveling between different climates. I used the Bio Cell+ Mask to add hydration and balance to her skin and she loved it so much she requested more masks after filming had wrapped. I am super pleased with all the results I have been seeing using Le Mieux's wonderful products!
    I now also use the hydrating Iso-Cell Recovery Solution Spray and the O2 Calming Gel in the mornings under makeup and I really love how the makeup goes on over it. I think they just might become a must have for my kit.
  • Char Coats CrumpKey Makeup Artist

    I just wanted to let you know how wonderful and amazing your Essence Moisturizer and the Eye Wrinkle Corrector are!!! My actors on The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, love the products! I was sticking Q tips in the bottom of the Eye Wrinkle Corrector the other day just to get the remaining product out of the jar! Lol. Also they work well under makeup and don't cause the makeup to separate. Just the other day I tried using another well known moisturizer and my actor noticed the difference! They love the way it feels to the skin and how light it feels and they feel hydrated without seeing it! I really do appreciate you all for turning us on to this great product! Please keep up the good work and I look forward to talking to you in the very near future! Thanks Again.
  • Kelley MitchellDepartment Head Makeup

    I've been a professional makeup artist for many years and can't say enough about how wonderful Le Mieux skin care is for everyone! My clients especially love the entire line for dry and mature skin. Starting with the Phyto Marine Cleansing Lotion, Essence Toner, Vita-C Clear skin pads, TGF-ß booster, Vita-C Serum and finally the Bio Rejuvenating Cream. All of these products work together like a pair of finely fitted gloves. I can't believe the difference in my skin and my clients! Hydrated skin responds beautifully to makeup which makes this line so vital to me. Thanks, Le Mieux!
  • Autumn ButlerMakeup Department Head

    We are loving the Le Mieux Products you sent over! They are giving us beautiful results. We love, love, love the Hyaluronic Serum and the TGF-ß booster! All the products seem to wear so well under makeup and the ladies skin is looking plump and rejuvenated. The packaging looks so beautiful as well. We are becoming big fans of those Vita-C Clear Skin Pads. The Skin Protective Emulsion is quickly earning my favorite in the line stamp of approval. Thank you so much!!!
  • Patty BunchMakeup Artist / Award: Emmy Nominee

    The great thing about the Facial Scrubber is it helps remove my actors’ make up gently and more effectively than using harsh cleaners and facial scrubs. After a long day in make up and under hot lights, the make up penetrates deeper into the pores and clog them, causing a makeup disaster for the next shoot day. This great device helps to vibrate and loosen the debris up and out of the pores to create clean, glowing skin!

    As a facialist and makeup artist working for many years behind the scenes on the top TV shows in Hollywood, I know the importance of maintaining radiant skin and youthful complexions and the multiplicity of products that promise instant rejuvenation in their ad campaigns and attractive packaging, but don’t always deliver in actual performance. Recently I started trying Le Mieux, and this has got to be one of the very best lines I have ever used as a facialist and makeup artist! It exceeded my expectations and surprised both me and my clients, who are sooo discriminating with the products they use and have access to the topmost quality products. I love the beautiful results Le Mieux delivers – healthy, radiant, super soft and moist skin, as well as improved skin texture. I love how skin is not irritated by its anti-aging ingredients, in fact, it’s great for even very sensitive skin. It's a perfect balance of ingredients that won't irritate or dry out my actors’ skin. Well done Le Mieux!
  • Stephanie Kae PanekMakeup Artist

    I’ve always loved Le Mieux products and have used them in my make-up kit. I would start my actresses day with the TGF-ß Booster Serum followed by the Essence Moisturizer. But recently, I worked with this celebrity who had dull, damaged skin. She was put on a full Le Mieux skin brightening regimen that she followed religiously and I swear, no joke, her skin within two days looked brighter, smoother, dewy, and it almost glowed. I was blown away! I couldn't believe it. I knew Le Mieux products were great, but wow, this was amazing to witness. She too was like, 'I am obsessed with this product. Im going to blog to my fans about it.' The regimen she was put on to brighten her skin was: Phyto Nutrient Cleaning Gel, Vita C Clear Skin Pad, Essence Toner, TGF-ß Booster Serum, Collagen Peptide Serum, Eye Wrinkle Corrector, Skin Protective Emulsion.

    - Other products from Le Mieux that I use and my actresses and celebrities use include: TGF-ß Booster, Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream
    - A new favorite discovery of mine: Eye Wrinkle Corrector, TGF-ß Eye Firming Mask, Bio Cell+ Mask.
  • Molly CraytorMakeup Artist

    While I like all the products, the one that has really stood out or me is the Iso-Cell Recovery Solution. A few weeks ago, after cleaning the bathroom, I took a shower. Somehow there was still some cleaning agents in the shower and when the hot water hit them, they irritated my face. My face was bright red, itchy and in pain. I sprayed the Iso-Cell on my face and immediately the itching and pain went away and the bright red faded. Would I use these products again on set? Yes, especially the Iso-Cell, that product is going to become my first follow up after removing any kind of adhesive. As far as the other products, I liked the eye cream for under make-up, if feels very rich, but created a more matte base and I have felt that under eye make-up hasn't moved as much as it does with other eye creams.
  • Geri OppenheimMakeup Department Head

    The only Le Mieux products I've been using so far is the TGF-ß Booster, the Vita-C Clear Skin Pads & the Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream. I like those products. I find the pads leave my skin looking like it's glowing & I love the booster under the moisturizer. My skin is dry & I feel like those products really help with hydration.
  • Cinzia ZanettiKey Makeup Artist

    I was so excited when the Le Mieux box arrived. I just used the Exfoliating Cleansing Gel and the Vita-C Clear Skin Pads. LOVE both products! The Cleansing Gel feels good and smells good, while the Vita-C Pads are so refreshing and invigorating. I can't wait to try them all and share my enthusiasm with my coworkers and cast.
  • Kris EvansMakeup Artist

    Traveling as much as I do (having just completed working in London at the Olympics with Bob Costas), I am always looking for products which will help hydrate my skin as well as my clients. I find Le Mieux's Phyto Nutrient Cleansing Gel, Marine Collagen Peptide Serum and Essence Moisturizer as definite go to's for this purpose. I can't say enough about how I love the Eye Wrinkle Corrector! For protection against the sun and just a great product, the Vita-C Skin Protective Creme is so helpful for brightening the skin as well as a much needed sunscreen.
  • Elisa TallericoHead of Makeup Dept.

    I have used the Le Mieux TGF-ß Booster and it is amazing! Skin stays so moist with only a few drops. Love that!!
  • Michele TyminskiEmmy Nominated Make Up Artist

    What kind of magic potions have you sent us! We LOVE LOVE LOVE your product line! I can't believe how quickly you notice a difference in the skin's texture & appearance. Within just days the skin feels softer and smoother. The Phyto Nutrient Cleansing Gel and the Essence Moisturizer are definite must haves on any show's back bar. Thanks Le Mieux!
  • Judy YonemotoMakeup Artist

    Before starting makeup, I use the light Essence Moisturizer. It hydrates as well as preps the skin for a smooth makeup application. After wrap, the actors always come into the trailer to get their makeup removed. They always comment on how much they love the Le Mieux gel cleansers. It removes all the makeup, doesn't irritate the skin and it feels great!
  • Dawn MattocksMakeup Artist

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Le Mieux... The skin care line was so spectacular and well rounded... The serum and the eye products were so incredible... People have been seeing the difference and talking about them... My clients love the style of the bottle and are always curious when they see it on my table. The cleansers and moisturizers were so buttery smooth and left a soft and supple finish to their skin... You would think someone were with pregnant and glowing... Really, the skin looks radiant and refreshed once it is properly nourished and this line did just that!
  • Donna CicatelliDepartment Head Makeup Artist

    I am very impressed with the Le Mieux line and the amount of peptides and minerals and antioxidants in Le Mieux. The anti-aging skin treatments Le Mieux has to offer allows me to keep my actors and actress looking their best. In my professional opinion, the Le Mieux is far superior then everything on the market today. With the high potency peptides, high absorption rate and the increased collagen production the line has to offer, I can clearly see a difference in the condition of skin in the matter of a week, and sometimes in one treatment. I particularly love the Phyto Marine Cleansing Lotion, it’s great! I am very particular about cleansers. The Le Mieux products are genius! Thank you for this wonderful line of product.
  • Eileen BugnitzDepartment Head Hairdresser

    Since I began using Le Mieux skincare products, literally one person after another has said ‘my god, your face looks great!’ This is actually the first time in my life that ANYONE has ever commented about how great my skin looks! Until now, nobody has ever said a thing… When I was visiting my family back home a few weeks ago, one of my 5 sisters said: ‘you look younger. What are you doing?’ Personally, I believe that I have a glow now. I think my skin looks and feels healthier, and the glow has caused people to ask if I have been spending time in the sun, when I haven’t… I love the TGF-ß Booster, the Vita-C Serum, the Vita-C Clear Skin Pads, there are my favorites, along with the Bio Cell Cream and the Eye Wrinkle Corrector. My skin feels really soft and smooth now!
  • Kristina VogelEmmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist

    I am really loving Le Mieux! I have noticed a big difference in my skin’s firmness, clarity and pore size after using the Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, Collagen + Booster Serum, Firming Complex C-Concentrate Serum, and the Essence Moisturizer. I would recommend this product to anyone!
  • Liz BrisenoKey Makeup Artist

    I wanted to thank you for the miracle products you sent us. I use the set for dry skin and I noticed a difference in the first ten minutes the first time I used it! IT'S AMAZING and I have used it faithfully since and I have also gotten many comments on how good my face looks. I talk about your skin care to everyone. Thank you for again for introducing your product to us.
  • Patricia ReganMakeup Artist / Award: Nominated for Primetime Emmy

    I have been enjoying your products very much. My favorite is the Moisture Infusion Mask, I am all out and wonder if there is any chance I could get some more? Le Mieux has been good to my face, thank you so much. My skin feels lovely inside and out.
  • Sherry HeartMakeup Artist

    I finally had a chance to try Le Mieux over the weekend....I love it!! My skin felt so refreshed and I felt like it could eventually even out my red tones. I also love that it is mostly natural (I always read ingredients). Does it have any preservatives in it? Where can I buy more when I run out? Again, thank you so much for being so generous. I love it!!
  • Stephanie FowlerMakeup Artist

    The Le Mieux products are amazing! I personally have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I also have been getting tons of complements from co-workers on how radiant my skin looks. How do I get in contact with the company so I can have the skin care in my makeup kit to use on other clients?
  • Chantal MooreMakeup Artist / Cloutier Agency

    Thank you so much for the latest Le Mieux shipment. I have to tell you- the white Le Mieux bag with the gorgeous, sophisticated/minimal packaging....truly a beautiful presentation. It struck me- while trying these new products that one really does see a visible difference in the texture of the skin immediately. When I started the Acne System, I absolutely saw a change in the texture of my skin overnight. There is no long wait for results as there can be with most treatment products. You see a noticeable improvement right away. That's huge for customer confidence. The Acne System is fantastic. I will be suggesting it, as well as the Skin Clarifying pads, to any of my clients that are not responding to other systems. It's such a impressive system. The Skin Clarifying pads are as great as I thought they would be. Thank you for the restock on the Eye Mask and Moisture Infusion mask, the Exfoliating Cleanser (fantastic) and the Vitamin C pads. Le Mieux Vitamin C serum is really amazing too. Saw improvement in skin texture immediately. I have been so impressed by every single product I have tried. It's really is a modern skin care line. I truly love the products.
  • Seana GorlickMakeup Artist

    My name is Seana Gorlick. I am Tyler Posey's personal makeup artist on Teen Wolf. You sent over some Le Mieux product and I love it! The Phyto Nutrient Gel face wash and TGF eye pads are my favorite. I actually wear the eye pads on my way to work sometimes! Thank you so much!